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Costner, for his part, makes juggling his character’s twin obligations look easy. Ethan rarely breaks a sweat, whether he’s shooting arms dealers or pulling a bunch of would-be rapists off of his daughter in a nightclub men’s room. For McG — who has to convince people to sit through the scenes of Ethan teaching his daughter how to ride a bike or slow dance just to get to the part where he hooks some guy up to jumper cables — the disconnect is more jarring. “3 Days to Kill” feels like two very different movies, neither of which is particularly good.

Most of the blame falls to Luc Besson, who co-wrote the screenplay, from his own story idea, with Adi Hasak (“From Paris With Love”), As a writer, Besson is notoriously hit-or-miss, with hits like 1997’s “The Fifth Element” sharing space on his resume with last year’s bomb “The Family.” As melodrama, “3 Days to Kill” comes across alvares dance shoes as pat and saccharine, As a popcorn flick, it’s overly predictable, And the balance between the two is off..

The story gets underway when Ethan, recently retired and diagnosed with terminal cancer, undertakes one final assignment from a mysterious woman named Vivi (Amber Heard), who offers him what she claims is an experimental cure in exchange for his service. The conflict arises when Ethan learns that he must conduct his dirty business, which involves finding and killing an arms dealer (Richard Sammel), while chaperoning Zoey, who has been left in Ethan’s care for three days by his ex-wife (Connie Nielsen).

In alvares dance shoes Ethan’s line of work, a gun is the most effective problem-solving tool, That doesn’t fly when it comes to corralling a slightly rebellious adolescent suffering from a bad hair day, Comedy occurs sporadically, as when Ethan extracts a recipe for spaghetti sauce from a man (Bruno Ricci) whom he is in the middle of torturing, just so Zoey can cook dinner for her boyfriend, Hugh (Jonas Bloquet), When the laughs arise, they’re welcome, But they’re few and far between, McG keeps hinting at paydays that never come, Is Vivi really on the up and up? Heard plays her like she’s hiding some dark secret, but we never find out what it is, And what’s with the serum that she keeps injecting Ethan with, which seems to be killing him rather than curing him? Finally, how will Ethan handle the discovery that Hugh seems to be tangentially mixed up with the bad guys?..

But as the 15-year-old figure-skating sensation from San Jose posed motionless before beginning her Olympic Games’ free skate Thursday morning, Stanley’s restaurant above the Sharks Ice rinks nearly went silent. About 50 people seemed to collectively hold their breath as they stared wide-eyed at the big-screen televisions. When Edmunds had completed a solid performance that would place her ninth, the room exploded with cheers and clapping. “The whole time I was thinking, ‘Polina, please make this jump, please make this jump, please make this jump,’ ” said a beaming Acadia Szmauz, 11, of San Jose. “And she did. I’m just so proud of her. She did really, really well.”.

Edmunds may not be returning home with a medal, but that doesn’t matter to those who know her best and had come together to cheer for her as a group, “It’s so funny because normally if we were watching a skating event, Polina would be right here with us,” said Jennifer Huang, 13, of Cupertino, “It’s so cool to be here watching her do this, We all understand just how special this is.”, Over the past few weeks, the Bay Area has been caught up in Polina-mania as the teenager burst first into the national spotlight, and now onto the worldwide stage, Her alvares dance shoes Olympic performance in Russia far exceeded expectations and set her up to possibly become America’s next figure-skating queen..

Not bad for someone who is just a sophomore at Archbishop Mitty High School. On Thursday, viewing parties were held at several South Bay locations, including Mitty — at least 400 people watched at the school’s Aymar Events Center — as well as at San Jose’s Dance Theatre International school, where Edmunds has taken lessons in ballet and jazz since age 8. At Sharks Ice, which is Edmunds’ home training base, a huge window sign greeted people, reading: “From Sharks Ice to Sochi! Go Polina!” With many schools on break this week, the rinks were bustling as young figure skaters — nursing their own dreams of future Olympic glory — practiced under banners congratulating Edmunds.

But when it came time for her to take the ice in Sochi, the rinks emptied out as everyone gathered around televisions, “It’s just so emotional to see this,” said Val Capatina, whose 12-year-old daughter, Marina, skates with Edmunds, “To make it to the Olympics is not easy, It takes so much commitment, and those of us who have watched her every day know how hard she has worked for this.”, Each time the graceful, smiling Edmunds completed alvares dance shoes a difficult jump, heads would nod in approval, punctuated with quiet “Yeahs.” But when Edmunds made her one serious mistake, briefly falling to the ice, everyone winced and reflexively said: “Oh!”..

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